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To every -HB-
GoLDeN 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 22nd Nov 2012
Dear Hell Boys,

We are going to have some significant changes in our squad.

As a -HB- it is really important that you obey the followings basic rules

* Please respect your fellow -HB-
Treat him or her the way you want to be treated. Show them respect and be friendly.
We have all types of players in our squad.
We have ordinary players, skilled players, extra ordinary players and pure n00bs (like GoLDeN) l0l.
In multiplayer games your performance and skill decided by various factors such as ping, computer, network connection
and the learning ability you have.
It's very important that you understand this basic fact.
Please make sure you don't underestimate your fellow members / insult them even if they are n00bs.
One day they could turn to ass kickers. l0l.
* We don't have to repeat this but this is the golden rule.
We are cheat free squad. Please respect that fact.
No Cheat, No Aimbot, No recoil, No GPS Chams, No Toggle........ SAY NO to all those rubbish.
There's no point cheating in a computer game. That's the worst thing you could ever do.
We are all legit players. Please remain the same what we are now.
Please do not do anything silly to violate the EULA. Please do not do any bannable offence in games.
We don't really think any of our HB will cheat in the future.
In case if we caught a rat cheating he / she will be removed from our clan immediately and never again join us.
If anyone caught cheating he / she's responsible for the outcomes.
Not the fellow HB or the Clan. We have nothing to do with that.
That's entirely the cheat rat's fault.

* Most of us are European players.
We are from different backgrounds and we speak different languages.
Just for the website and game purposes we use English language.
Most of us are not native English speakers. We make errors, spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes.
If you are a native English speaker please understand this. You can correct the mistakes but don't make fun of that. l0l.

We remind you one more time.
We don't want any of the HB to lose the account.
We want this clan to last as long as it can.
We want you guys to stay clean and play legit.
Our Motto is
Don't Cham but Give'em Chammers Hell

Respect our motto and make us proud.

Rule every game you play and kick them noob asses.
Make them cry, let them whine and keep kicking them harder. l0l.

Good Luck and Thank you.
-GoLDeN, Pikachu & KON-

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